More than just adding hours, Time and Attendance can include a host of complimentary elements like job costing, accruals, employee self service, and do much more. Check it Out!

Job Tracking:

Eight levels of tracking are available for grouping labor cost management an unlimited number of items can be used in each level. Use with alternate pay rates include with exports, and employee grouping purposes.

  • Customization
  • Variable Rates
  • Export and Payroll Codes
  • Link to Employee or punch
  • And more…

Employee Self Service:

Employee Self Service tools give your employee access to view their time card and use notes to sign off on their time, request time off and use notes to provide additional details on a day or specific punch.


Flexible schedules can be used for applying rounding rules, trim and grace parameters.  Give the employee the flexibility to clock in when they arrive and still have their time start when they are scheduled.  Employees are assigned to schedules as needed and Schedule Overrides can be used when needed for special cases.  Schedule Rules can generate automated lunch deductions that will work seamlessly and in conjunction with Lunch Punches.  Apply paid portions for lunches and/or breaks.  Create an unlimited number of schedules and assignments to ensure that your specific time calculating needs are met and your attendance requirements are followed.

  • Automatic Lunch
  • Lunch and Break tracking
  • Rounding rules

Hours and Monetary:

Easily add bulk hours and monetary records for PTO, Extra Pay, Commissions and more.  These flexible entry types can be used wherever they are needed.  Hours Records can be incorporated into RealTime subsystems like Holidays, Accruals, Employee Self Service entries, Time-Off Requests and Timesheets.

  • Sick
  • Vacation
  • PTO
  • Extra earnings
  • Holidays
  • Additions or deductions


Easily export information to your payroll tools to prevent re-keying of time and job custom information and eliminate errors associated with manual data entry.

  • Simplify Entry
  • Improve Accuracy


Built to handle your business needs whether it’s a basic 40 Hour week or you need extended capabilities like daily overtime, consecutive days, special days, double time needs and even custom factors.

  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Daily
  • Consecutive day
  • And More…


If you need special pay for work during certain hours, shifts, or days, we’ve got you covered. Evenings, early arrivals, weekends. We handle it.

  • On time benefit
  • Weekend differential
  • Shift differential
  • Long day premium
  • And more…


Automated holiday engine lets you set it and forget it. RealTime will identify holidays and generate them automatically when needed including holiday premium and weekend observance.

  • Holiday generator
  • Weekend offset
  • Holiday premiums
  • Recurring and one off events
  • And more…