Time Clocks and data Collection tools

Employee Time Clocks are one of the primary components of a functional Time and Attendance system, and provide a way to automatically collect punch information and deliver it to a computer system where the hours can be tabulated and recorded.

Face Recognition

Series 300 Facial and Fingerprint Biometric ClockSundial Face-recognition time clock

Touch free punching through facial recognition gives 100% hygienic clocking. Pause briefly in front of the camera and get a Voice Response and visual success confirmation.  With automatic mode switching, employees can alternate at will between Fingerprint and Facial recognition modes.

Easy to use touch screen for menu functions and job costing needs.

Built in relay to support external bells or electronic locks.

Fingerprint / Proximity

Series 10 Fingerprint Time Clock

Sundial Fingerprint time clock

Series 10 Fingerprint Time Clocks are fast easy and affordable. Fingerprint clocks support “Touch and Go” with Voice Response and visual cues to indicate acceptance.

Just place a finger or employee badge, listen for the audible “Thank You” message and continue.

Series 10 Fingerprint clocks include fingerprint and proximity RFID interfaces.

HID Proximity

Series 10 Proximity Time Clock

Sundial HID Proximity time clock

Series 10 HID Proximity Time Clock is a state of the art proximity card reader offering unparalleled performance.

The HID Proximity Clock is a full-featured time clock with a 30,000 employee capacity per clock, and will support your company’s rounding and grace period policies, auto lunch settings, job cost codes and other features.